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Langkawi Travel – Where to Go & What to Do?

Getting Around the Island An alternative is renting a motorbike – traffic isn’t congested at all on the island, but you may need to provide your driver’s details to ensure you can ride a bike without crashing. This mode of transportation is by contrast a lot cheaper than renting a carĀ this site. However if you have children with you it’s best to keep away from this mode of getting around.

As you step foot onto this marvellous island of legends, you might not instantly see the beauty of the island as you are greeted by a flock of car rental agents and cab services. What is recommended is that if you are planning to go around the island to sight-see, it would be best if you rented a car. A less extravagant car would cost you a lot less than say, a Mercedes or a people carrier van. Prices range from RM 50 onwards.

Be warned that driving in Langkawi follows the Malaysian transportation law whereby you will be required to drive on the left side of the road! If this isn’t what you’re used to, it would be safer to hire a cab instead to get around the island. You might want to ask the taxi services if they can provide you with an assigned driver to ensure you always have a way to getting around the island, especially if you’re on the more exclusive and secluded parts of Langkawi such as Tanjung Rhu, Pantai Kok, and Datai Bay.

If you have arranged a tour package with the hotel you wouldn’t have a problem sight-seeing and can manage walking around the area, especially if you plan to stay along the Cenang beach. Bicycles are also available for rent for short distances and are available at roadside shops or you can check if your hotel provides any for rent.

Island Attractions

A popular tourist destination, the Oriental Village at Pantai Kok is a stunning man-made cultural segment which sees Japanese houses and technically oriental inspired shops and restaurants. A children’s favourite here is the petting zoo where hundreds of rabbits and baby rabbits hop around. You can buy a bag of pet feed to give the fluffy friends a nibble. The highlight here is the cable car ride up the Gunung (Mount) Mat Cincang. Upon reaching the peak sets you up with the finest view of the vast ocean that surrounds the island. It is a view like no other and is a rather magnificent backdrop for a photo moment.

Before you decide on what to sightsee on the island, be sure to check out the modes of transportation which you will require to get from point A to B. Once you have thought about this you can comfortably plan to visit the Langkawi attractions!

Needless to say, the beaches are a number one drawing feature for visitors to Langkawi as it is most likely to be the main reason for a trip to the island. The next best feature is its tax-free status, where booze, cigarettes and confectionery can be purchased at a much cheaper price than on the island. Langkawi’s most popular duty-free complex is Zon, next to the Underwater World which is on Cenang. Otherwise there are malls around Kuah that can satisfy your shopping curiosity.